Model Tests for APPSC Group 1 Mains

tarGET will be conducting ONLINE Model Tests for Group 1 Mains Examination from 1st August, 2011 onwards. Interested candidates are requested to apply before July 31st, 2011. The Exam will be in English Medium only.

Fees :

  • Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand) per each Model Test.
  • Rs.2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand and Five Hundred) for all the 3 Model Tests.

Application Procedure :

SMS the following details to 9640702504.

   1. Name in Full
   2. Hall Ticket Number
   3. Date of Birth


    * RAMESH SURANENI-10100025-8thAug,1982
    * REKHA LANKA-10700368-25thDec,1986

After we receive your SMS, we will call back to confirm your application.

Examination Procedure :

You will be given a Username and  Password for our website tarGETGROUPS. You can download and print the Question Papers. Try to answer the Tests from 9AM to 12PM (or) 10AM to 1PM. You have to send your Answer Sheets to the address given below through Courier (or) Registered Post. Your Papers will be valued, necessary suggestions will be made and returned to you on September 1st, 2011.

Time Table :

Model Test 1

   1. Paper 1 - 1st August, 2011
   2. Paper 2 - 2nd August, 2011
   3. Paper 3 - 3rd August, 2011
   4. Paper 4 - 4th August, 2011
   5. Paper 5 - 5th August, 2011

Model Test 2

   1. Paper 1 - 8th August, 2011
   2. Paper 2 - 9th August, 2011
   3. Paper 3 - 10th August, 2011
   4. Paper 4 - 11th August, 2011
   5. Paper 5 - 12th August, 2011

Model Test 3

   1. Paper 1 - 16th August, 2011
   2. Paper 2 - 17th August, 2011
   3. Paper 3 - 18th August, 2011
   4. Paper 4 - 19th August, 2011
   5. Paper 5 - 20th August, 2011

  1. Please leave adequate space in the margins for suggestions.
  2. Please attach a self addressed cover along with your Answer sheets. We will use this cover to send the valued answer sheets back to you by DTDC Courier. 
  3. Use only Black/Blue pens.
  4. Do not write your name on the Answer sheets. Only write your Hall Ticket Number. 
  5. Use A4 Size white papers to write your answers.
  6. Please send the Answer sheets of each Model Test as soon as they are completed. For example, after you answer all the 5 Papers of Model Test 1, which would be on 5th August, send us these 5 Answer sheets immediately. Don't wait till you answer all the three model tests. This will be easier for us to evaluate and better for you as you will have enough time to make necessary corrections to your approach.
  7. Only Answer sheets in English will be valued.

Our Address:


Ground Floor, Happy Gagan Apartments,

H.No. 1-2-385,

Gagan Mahal, Domalguda,

Hyderabad - 500029.

Mobile Number - 9640702504.

    * Those of you who are residing in Hyderabad can hand over the Papers in person, if you wish.

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