Model Questions in Povert and Unemployment

1. Explain the methods of measuring poverty in India?

2. Explain the methods of measuring unemployment in India?

3. What are the properties that determine poverty and explain the reasons why poverty is a major economic issue in developing countries like India?

4. Explain the poverty estimates after independence and types of methods used for estimating poverty in developing and developed countries?

5. Explain why poverty did not reduce that level when compared to economic development Post-reform period?

6. What are the concepts used by NSSO for measuring unemployment and explain the different ways of unemployment in rural India?

7. Wage employment schemes, self employment schemes- which one does you think are the best to ameliorate poverty and unemployment?

8. Discuss the progress of NREGA and explain how this act helped in employment generation?

9. What are the steps need to be taken to improve employment opportunities?

10. What was done to ameliorate poverty?

11. What should be done to ameliorate poverty?

12. What is the status of poverty in India in pre- and post reform period?

13. What are the causes of unemployment?

14. what was done to ameliorate unemployment?

15. What should be done to ameliorate unemployment?

16. Discuss NREGA , its implementation and its pros and cons?

17. What is the status of unemployment in India?


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