No change in the Prelims Exam date

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission has announced today that there will be no change in the Group 1 Preliminary Exam date. They sounded determined to conduct the examination with police protection if necessary.

Most of the candidates must have gone off course for the past 4-5 days. But now that the date is not changed, it is time for all of you to get into the track again. Remember these are the crucial moments which reflect in the result of the examination. Don't worry even if you have not read anything in the past two days. It doesn't matter much. Keep your cool now, calm your nerves and get back to business.

The aspirants of Telangana region should be very careful during the day of the exam. Reach the examination center one hour before time.... just in case there are any mishaps. Keep in mind that any small mishap will ruin your life. So avoid the main roads and use the small streets while going to the Examination Center and keep an extra pencil, pen and an extra copy of Hall Ticket so that even if there is any riot you will have a back up.

All the best to all our aspirants. Wish you success.

Ten Most Populous Countries

  1. China
  2. India
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