Online Coaching for Group 1 Mains

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We will be providing online coaching for Group 1 Mains in English Medium for the benefit of the working aspirants (job holders) who can not join regular coaching.

Course Duration - 1st December, 2011 to October 3rd, 2012

Course Mode
- Online. We will be posting data in our weblog and we will provide username and password for those people who enroll with us. This material will be visible only for those who have the password.

Strategy - We will post around 3 to 5 Questions with answers per day.

Advantages - We have prepared the answers in such a way that you can asnwer in 10 - 12 minutes. You need not do any further editing. We will be presenting to you the ready-made answers.

Fees: Click here for detailed Fees structure

  1. Prelims cum Mains Batch - Rs.6000/- (Batch starts on 1st December, 2011) 
  2. Only Mains Batch - Rs.5000/- (Batch starts on 1st December, 2011)
  3. Only Prelims Batch - Rs.2500/- (Batch starts on 1st March, 2012)

Enrollment : Register at tarGET GROUPS and then Enroll for Coaching.


Prelims cum Mains
1st December, 2011

Only Prelims
1st March, 2012

Only Mains
1st December, 2011

For More details visit -

If you still have any doubts, click here to set up a meeting with the Admin of targetgroups.


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