NOTE: The links are no longer functional. 

We have uploaded the most up to date available material for Group 1 Examination. We tried to pass it on to you as torrent due to the large size of the content. But, some of our subscribers have complained of trouble downloading the torrents. So, we have uploaded all those files individually into a google site.

We have arranged the Material in 6 Pages, which you can see in the left side navigation bar. These 6 pages are,

1. Bit Bank 

2. Documents

3. Model Papers

4. Previous Papers

5. Study Material

6. Material for Telugu Medium Students

ou can visit the site @


  1. Anonymous said...
    These links dont work. Can you please update
    Anonymous said...
    It says that site not found
    Anonymous said...
    can you send me t/m g science&technology materials?

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