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Hi Everyone,

I think by now the whole excitement about the date of exam might have settled down and each and every one of you have started serious preparation for the Group 1 Exam. You should consider yourselves very lucky because you have ample time to prepare. But remember one thing, to crack the Group 1 Exam, we need "intelligent preparation". Simple hard work won't be sufficient, we have to analyse the syllabus, filter the previous papers, distribute our working hours evenly, and most importantly, have a good plan for our preparation.

O.K., we have prepared a Schedule keeping in view of an average aspirant who can dedicate 8-hours per day for Group 1 preparation. This will give you a rough idea and you can chart-out your own plan of preparation my making necessary modifications to our plan. Hope this will be useful to you. Any suggestions are welcome.

April 2 – April 11
Paper I (Mains) – Prepare notes on various Social Problems and try to note down your own observations and suggestions.
April 12 – April 17
History (Mains)
April 18 – April 21
Polity (Mains)
April 22 – May 1
Indian Economy (Mains)
May 2 – May 10
Science and Technology (Mains)
May 11 – May 20
Mental Ability (Paper V of Mains)
May 21 – May 30
Geography [KUM Reddy Notes (or) Tata McGrawHill’s General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary]
May 31 – June 6
June 7 – June 11
June 12 – June 18
June 19 – June 23
Mental Ability
June 24 – June 28
June 29 & June 30
Bits from any Bit Bank
July 1 – July 15
Current Affairs & one Previous Paper per day in real time i.e, try to answer a previous paper per day in the morning which will be a rehearsal for the exam.
July 16 – July 24
Final Revision
July 25th
Preliminary Exam


  1. Anonymous said...
    Is it a good idea to read Mains now ?????
    Surya said...
    Yeah we never know when the mains exam will be conducted. The date is based on many other things which happen in the state. So, I feel it is better to prepare for Prelims first

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