Indian Constitution - borrowed elements

Influence of other Consitutions on Indian Constitition

British Constitution

• Parliamentary form of government

• The idea of single citizenship

• The idea of the Rule of law

• Institution of Speaker and his role

• Lawmaking procedure

• Procedure established by Law

United States Constitution

• Charter of Fundamental Rights

• Federal structure of government

• Independence of the judiciary

• President as supreme commander of armed forces

• Equal Protection under law

Irish Constitution

• Directive principles of state policy

Australian Constitution

• Freedom of trade and commerce within the country and between the states

• Power of the national legislature to make laws for implementing treaties, even on matters outside normal Federal jurisdiction

• Concurrent List

French Constitution

• Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

Canadian Constitution

• A quasi-federal form of government —a federal system with a strong central government

• The idea of Residual Powers

Constitution of the Soviet Union

• Fundamental Duties u/a 51-A

• A Constitutionally mandated Planning Commission to oversee the development of the economy

Other Constitutions

• Emergency Provision u/a 356, Weimar Constitution

• Amendment of Constitution, South Africa

• Due Procedure of Law, Japan

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